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Business Enabling & Securing  Technologies  

Strengthen your Enterprise Efficiency 

At HawkTech Advance Solutions (HAS), we're committed to apply our expertise, experience, and innovation ecosystem to empower enterprises on this journey of Growth without worrying much about the tasks associated with IT-enabling technologies related to Data , infrastructure, and business-enabling Technologies like Network Connectivity, Cloud and Cyber-Security.

Across the board and borders, we harness the power of technology and our people to supercharge progress for our clients—driving outcomes at speed and scale, now and for the long haul.

Driven by our key thematic focus areas of Digital Transformation, Digitization, Professional Services, Cloud Technoloies and CyberSecurity offerings.Our industry-recognized technology services portfolio and our association with industry-leading OEMs are grounded in innovative and sustainable differentiators that accelerate business transformation.

Most importantly, our people who firmly believe in turning ideas into outcomes, challenges into opportunities, and strategies into action. Powered by their passion and unique spark—and belief in the transformative potential of technology—they're achieving game-changing feats and Supercharging Progress for our clients.

We are focusing on the expansion of our portfolio around
CyberSecurity , Connectivity, Cloud Technologies ,Datacenter and Hosting Solutions.

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To Empower Growth - Experience the Future with HawkTech

Explore powerful advantages to navigate your digital transformation with us !!​Execute on a digital modernization roadmapScale an organization with modernization

Better Data ! Better Insight

6 Laws of successful Digital-Transformation

The term “digital transformation” has become overused, with little agreement on its actual meaning. A definition of digital transformation should be based on its business outcomes, with a focus on achieving significant benefits, such as a 10x improvement, rather than incremental improvements.

Despite various estimates of success rates, it is generally agreed that – of digital transformation efforts – only 10% or fewer are successful. To improve the chances of success, eight principles have been codified, and their importance is illustrated in the following eight laws of success.

1 - Law of Digitalization

This law mandates that all transactions must be captured digitally, without any manual intervention or data entry.

2-Law of Intelligent Systems

This law asserts that the system should be equipped with live data from both internal enterprise sources and external events, enabling it to predict the next event and propose the optimal course of action to decision-makers.

3  - Law of Digital Transformation

This law states that companies must take the initiative to embark on digital transformation in their core business or operations.

Book of Laws

4 - Law of Digital Assets

All digital assets improve with more usage, whereas physical assets depreciate with usage. 

5 - Law of Digital Capacity

The more systems an organization has, the more challenging it becomes to adhere to the previous laws.

6 - CEO / CIO as the Change Maker

The success of all the aforementioned laws is contingent upon the CEO assuming the role of a change maker. Establishing a culture of innovation, setting a clear direction, and supporting digital transformation initiatives can only be accomplished with the CEO’s approval and involvement. 

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