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Data Management & Masking Solutions

With "speed, ease, versatility, and value" in every HAS product, our users enjoy the fastest and most cost-effective ways to discover, integrate, migrate, govern, and analyze their data, be it big or small, static or streaming, on-premise or in the cloud. And it's only with this software that they can do many of these things simultaneously, and without hardware upgrades, multi-tool complexity, or mega-vendor prices.

On a mission is to keep growing and satisfying its global customer base with state-of-the-art data management and security software, and responsive business policies, that deliver:


  • performance and scalability

  • functionality and usability

  • agility and governance

  • short- and long-term affordability

The company will continue to achieve its goals through internal enhancement and external adoption of its proven data manipulation engines, open metadata, and ergonomic extensions to Eclipse that make data processing, protection, prototyping, and presentation available to everyone in the enterprise through the same platform.

Data Manager Suite

  • CoSort -  Sort , Transform & Report

  • FACT - Fast extract for DBs.

  • NextForm - Data File & DB migration.

  • RowGen - Smart Test Data genaration

Data Protector Suite

  • FieldShield - PII/PHI Classification& Data masking.

  • CellShield - PII /PHI Search & Mask in Excel sheet.

  • DarkShield - Unstructured Data search & Security.

  • DMaaS - Data masking as a Service

Outsmart Risk. Find & Consistently Anonymize PII in Structured, Semi-Structured, and Unstructured Sources.

  • Classify, Locate, De-Identify, and Prove
    • Unmasked data can damage your company's reputation and cost it millions in fines. Our award-winning data masking tools have been repeatedly proven in a wide range of data breach nullification, privacy law compliance, and DevOps (test data) environments. Use fit-for-purpose  data masking products to find and mask sensitive data deterministically on-premise or in your cloud, and to prove that you protected it.​

  • Comply with Data Privacy Laws like DPTP
    • Data privacy laws require that key identifiers be encrypted, pseudonymized, redacted, or anonymized, or that people cannot be traced by their quasi-identifiers. IRI data masking tools can find and fix PII in any format to meet the data erasure, portability and rectification requirements of the GDPR et al, and score re-ID risk for HIPAA, etc. Inquire about your mandates.​

  • Apply Multi Masking Rules/Methods

    • Use the IRI Workbench IDE for IRI FieldShield or DarkShield built on Eclipse™ to discover, classify, and mask data quickly and easily. Blur, encrypt, hash, pseudonymize, randomize, redact, scramble, tokenize, etc. Match the data masking function to your search-matched data classes (or column names), and apply it consistently to preserve realism and referential integrity enterprise-wide.​

  • Use Role Based Access Controls

    • Decide and enforce who can access or use specific data sources and targets; masking rules and job scripts; data classifications and data layout definitions; decryption keys and log files; and, even the masking programs themselves. Establish different roles for different data sources, and different access rights based on those roles. ​

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